Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Fools? Not Funny, God!

If you're seeing this today or tomorrow, please say a little prayer for us. When I went to the bathroom this morning, I had a bit of brown spotting. I googled since the dr's office wasn't open yet, and it all looked very reassuring, but as this is baby #3, and I've never had that before, I'm going in this afternoon for bloodwork just to be sure. Then, repeat the hcg level on Thursday to make sure it's rising properly. The nurse on the phone repeated what I had read online, but it would sure ease my mind to have good labwork. We've just waited SO long for this baby!!! Anyway, maybe it's just God's not funny April Fool's joke? I hope so.



  1. I had a similar issue with baby #2. Everything was fine. We'll be praying. But I suspect you're fine.

  2. Thanks. Turns out I'm low on progesterone, which is ironic, since the essential oil I've been using has progesterone. Mark is getting me some pills, and I splashed on some extra oil.