Sunday, March 31, 2013

"I see Jesus!"

Driving home from our annual Easter party, and 4 yr old Emma screams "I see Jesus!" My husband and I start looking around to see what she's talking about. My husband says "That cross over there?". Emma says, "No, in the sky!". At this point, my heart skips a beat, wondering if He's really coming back, thinking that Easter would be a cool time to come back. Then I realize she's talking about a hole in the clouds. She then goes on to explain to us how the hole in the clouds means Jesus is coming, because He's gonna come from the clouds, and He's alive. For that moment, I was so impressed and proud of her, that she's so excited, and always looking for Jesus. Then she dismembers her cheap Barbie doll she got in her Easter basket, sticks her thumb in its torso, and says, "Look! It's a thumb hat!". Sigh...

Anyway, I was thinking about how kids tend to be more active about watching for Jesus. When Chocolate Chip was 4, my Jewish grandmother died, and we were at the gravesite, with the rabbi, orthodox Jews, and my Israeli ordained rabbi uncle all standing around. Chocolate Chip looks down into the empty grave and says, very loudly, "Where's Jesus and Cookie Bird?!". Cookie Bird was the name of her parakeet that had died earlier that year. To explain where great-grandma went, we told her she was going to Heaven to be with Jesus and Cookie Bird (this was about 3 years before I converted). Well, great-grandma was in this box, that was going into this big hole, so that must be where Jesus and Cookie Bird were too, right? I love the innocence and faith that kids have. They always are watching, and actively waiting for Jesus. Isn't that beautiful?


My Mom, the Catholic!

Well, after three years of waiting, hoping, and praying, my mother entered fully into the Church last night at Easter Vigil, and recieved her first Holy Communion! It was the most beautiful Mass I've ever been to! If you ever have the opportunity to go to an Easter Vigil Mass in the Extraordinary Form, you really should. All of the symbolism, and reverence was just breathtaking. We started off the Mass for about the first hour and a half with just the light from handheld candles, then at the Gloria, the statues were all uncovered, the lights came on, the bells rang, incense filled the air, it was amazing!

Believe it or not, this was the best picture I got of her Confirmation.

Here's my mother recieving her first Holy Communion while wearing the veil I made for her.
I wish I could have gotten a better picture of her Confirmation, but it was really dark, and my phone doesn't have a flash. I thought they would have someone to take pictures, so I didn't think to bring something with a flash. It was still a beautiful, amazing night, and I'm so happy that I'm not the only Catholic in my family anymore. God is Good! Happy Easter!!!

Saturday, March 30, 2013


Welcome to my first blog, and please welcome my mom who is joining the Church tonight at the Easter Vigil! I have been praying for her conversion since I entered the Church myself, 3 years ago. For that reason, I have gotten/made her 3 presents, one for each year I've been praying for her. The first present I got her was a crucifix from Jerusalem (she was raised Jewish, and her patron saint is Edith Stein, a Jewish convert who was killed by the Nazi's). The second present I got for her was a holy water font for her house that has a picture of the Eucharist on it, and the third (and final) present, was a chapel veil that I made for her to wear at Easter Vigil (and afterwards, of course).

This is "Chocolate Chip" (10), modeling the veil for me!
I think it came out really well, and am considering starting a veil-making business because of it! Here are a couple of close-up pictures:
This is the side view, to show the border better.

Here's a picture to show the embellishment on the back.
I can't wait to see my mom recieve her first Holy Communion tonight, while wearing it!
As for me, like I mentioned, I am a convert to the Faith. I am married to a very nice man, who is technically Christian, but not Catholic (yet). I have two daughters, "Chocolate Chip" (10), and "Emma" (4 1/2). I look forward to sharing stories, and all kinds of fun things with you!

 If you want to buy a veil, I just set up this PayPal account. To start off with, I'm just offering the basic triangular chapel veil. However, if you want another shape, or a different color than those listed below, just let me know. I'm sure I can come up with something.