Saturday, August 10, 2013

Meant to Be!

We got the house! We are all so excited! The new house has five bedrooms, and three bathrooms. One bedroom and bathroom are on the first floor, so my mom can have her own space, including keeping her current living room set in the new living room. Our living room set will go upstairs in the giant loft/family room. Most of the bedrooms are huge, and all have walk-in closets. The walk-in closet in the master bedroom is big enough for a crib and changing table (seriously!)! It's also already fenced in, so we can just put the dog(s?) outside without worry, and the back of the property is right against the community tennis courts, basketball court, volleyball, pool, and playground. There's also a baseball diamond, pond, and soccer field just down the road. The garage is huge, and has plenty of space for Mark's woodworking tools. We couldn't ask for a more perfect place for the entire family. Plus, it's not too far from our current neighbors to come play, and even closer to some of my other friends. :-)

                      2094 Lawrin Ct, Indianapolis, IN 46234

Chocolate Chip hadn't yet seen the new house, so we went there today, to show her, and to measure spaces for moving in. When we arrived, one of our new neighbors from across the cul-de-sac was outside, spraying weeds. As we were getting out of the car, our realtor was talking to her. She said her name was Marilyn (seemed very nice, friendly, and out-going). She said that when she moved in in 2008, she didn't know anybody, and now she feels like everybody in the neighborhood is family! I about got goose bumps! From the time I was in fifth grade, until I got married, we lived across from a fabulous elderly lady named Marilyn. She was very friendly, sweet, out-going, and was always outside in the summer time, doing things in the yard. She didn't have any children, and we soon adopted her as family. She came to call my kids her "Greats" (great-grandchildren), and we loved her as a mother/grandmother/great-grandmother. We eventually even took care of her, and my mother served as her Power-of-Attorney. To find out that our new neighbor across the street was a lady named Marilyn (from the look of it, probably my mom's age, or a little older), was like a sign from above that we did the right thing in buying this house. As of right now, we're planning on closing on the new house mid-October. Of course, Emma's birthday is October 9, and she wants her party in the new house, so we'll see.

It's all very exciting! Housewarming party in the near future...stay tuned for details!


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