Sunday, October 6, 2013

Homeschool Drama

The other day, my MIL took Emma out for awhile, so I could unpack in peace (BTW, the new house is wonderful, but things have been NUTS!!). When she brought her back, she made a big deal about how they had met some kids for her to play with. My MIL does not get homeschooling at ALL. She must have said 5 or 6 times something along the lines of "(fill in the blank) when Emma starts school...". Each time, I said "she's already in school." Finally, I just ignored her, at the risk of saying something I'd need to go to Confession for. ;-)

So, anyway, I thought when Emma's Drama Camp came around, I would invite my MIL to the performance, so she could see how many kids Emma plays with (and that was actually a small sample, as we have other friends too). Well, when my MIL arrived, she commented on how MANY kids there were, running around. I said yes, this is our homeschool group that we do stuff with (I wanted to point out that I'm not the outcast freak she thought I was, and that I do indeed "socialize" the child). That of course, prompted a debate about homeschool vs. public school vs. Catholic school. Thankfully, the husband of one of my friends was right next to me, and he took her on. Quite successfully too. We told her about Common Core, and how God isn't allowed in public school anymore. We talked about testing, and all kinds of stuff. I think we maybe started to sway her a little. If that didn't totally take, then maybe Emma's birthday party will. The same family she debated with will be there. :-)

Drama Camp was awesome!!! The kids had so much FUN! They did the Gingerbread Cookie, and the kids decided what character to be, they painted the sets, one of them even did the face painting. Then at the show, they sold tickets and had a bake sale for charity. It was wonderful, and the rain even held off long enough for the show and dinner afterwards!

Emma was a pug puppy, and her line was "You look delicious, I want to eat you! Woof woof!" She belted it out, so everyone could hear, then after the kids all took a bow, Emma, who had been stuck behind some bigger kids, came to the front, and struck a pose. That's my girl! It was so great, she's already decided she's going back next year! :-D

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