Thursday, August 1, 2013

Rant and Rave

Okay, I try really hard, usually, to not complain about stuff, but I just have to let off some steam here. My husband, my mom and I started looking at getting a bigger house recently, so we would have the space to put another baby, should we be blessed with another. My husband found one about triple the size, with a giant fenced in yard on the west side of Danville that he is totally in love with. Last night, we all said we could go look at it. Then, my mom thought about it some more, and decided she doesn't want to live out that far from our support people, and from home care companies, etc. After she explained her reasons to me, it made sense, and so I told my husband, who basically threw a temper tantrum like a two-year old, and said it was the west side of Danville or nothing, and if we can't get that house, then we aren't moving.


Yes, seriously. After I pointed out to him, that he was acting like a two-year old, and that marriage is about communication and compromise (never mind the fact that we aren't even close to being READY to move), he calmed down some, and said maybe we could just take a break from looking for awhile. He said that he was just overwhelmed and trying to get bills caught up, and figure out how to do the repairs we would have to do before we could move, etc., etc., etc. I told him that if he would ever TALK to me about stuff, we could figure it out together, how to do it, and maybe he wouldn't be so overwhelmed. I told him he isn't an island, and that I'm here. I did also mention the fact that him being so mad over something so stupid was making me mad. Maybe I shouldn't have mentioned that last part, or the part about him acting like a two-year old. Oops. Then again, it was all true.

It's not like we're going to move somewhere he hates, just like we aren't going to move somewhere I hate. We have time to find the perfect house. We aren't in a hurry, and he needs to get over it! Even if I were to get pregnant now, we would have 9 months until there was a baby who needed space, and even after that, about the first year, it would probably sleep with us anyway. That's close to two years minimum before we would need a bigger place. Plenty of time to find the perfect house. So, if you wouldn't mind saying a prayer for my sanity, his patience, another baby, and the perfect house, that would be awesome!!!

Okay, rant over. Thanks for listening(?)...reading(?)...whatever.



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