Tuesday, August 6, 2013


House hunting with three very different adults is definitely not fun or easy...in case you wondered. I'm a city girl, but laid back, tend to go with the flow. Mark is a country boy (or at least, thinks he is), and it has to at least seem to him like it's his idea. My mom is very OCD, anal, very type A, which made her a wonderful nurse, but historically hard for me to live with. Try putting those three personalities together and go house hunting! If I loved it, he hated it, if he loved it, it was the west side of Danville, or the southeast side of Indianapolis. If mom loved it...nevermind. Mom didn't love anything.

We all found a beautiful home in Brownsburg acceptable, but Mark didn't think he'd fit in. I had all but given into the fact that between Mark and my mom, what I wanted wasn't happening, and I would just deal with whatever. Turned out it had an accepted offer anyway.

Well, we finally found a house we all love. I love the location, and the huge walk-in closets (the master bedroom's closet is big enough for a crib and changing table - no joke!). Mom loves the first floor bedroom and full bath. Mark loves the area, and yard. Even the girls love it. The heavens opened, and the angels are singing! We just have to sell mom's condo, which went on the market on Monday, and get out of this house without a problem...before somebody else finds our new house as wonderful as we did.

God Bless! :-)


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