Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Juice and Canvas Party

When it comes to creativity and imagination, Chocolate Chip is generally very, very lacking. Love her, but the girl is meant to be an accountant, physicist, or something that requires very little to no imagination. Needless to say, coming up with birthday party ideas for her is generally extremely painful. Last year, she ended up just having a "hang out" party, where it was basically just a playdate with cake. This year, my wonderful husband had a fantastic idea. I've become quite the fan of wine and canvas parties, and have a couple times, left him to babysit while I've gone to paint a tree full of owls, or most recently, the Blessed Mother. He came up with the idea for Chocolate Chip's birthday party last weekend to have a painting party. I added the Juice to his Canvas, and we came up with the Juice and Canvas. It was so fun!!! One of my friends is an artist, and likes to teach painting, so I asked her to lead the party.

What a deal that was! For $8 per kid, she brought the canvasses, paint, brushes, easles, set up everything, taught the kids to paint turtles (except for Emma, my rebel - she refuses to do whatever everyone else is doing, so she painted her own thing), and cleaned everything up before she left!! I would TOTALLY do it again. Plus, I didn't have to buy stuff for those crappy little goody bags that no parents like because all the kids had their painting to take home! It was awesome!

The kids with their paintings.
Didn't they come out AWESOME?!? Ages from left to right: 5, 6, 11, 10, 11. That's Chocolate Chip in the middle, my little shorty. ;-) The 6 yr old and the 10 yr old are brother and sister. They lived 3 houses down from us at our old house. The tall girl on the end is in Chocolate Chip's class at school. They all painted turtles (Chocolate Chip's choice) except for Emma, who painted a picture of her and her daddy inside a heart with grass, a flower, and blue sky.

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