Sunday, March 2, 2014

Crafty Sunday

Well, as of yesterday afternoon, we were expecting 7"-11" of snow here in Indy. Not wanting to miss Mass, we went last night, which was probably a good choice. While we didn't get nearly that much snow, the roads were apparently bad enough that Fr. emailed this morning to say that all Masses were cancelled today due to the weather.

Anyway, with all that extra time today, I finished converting two skirts into maternity skirts for a friend of mine who is pregnant with twins, due in June, as well as start AND finish a skirt for myself!! This was, I'm pretty sure, the first time I've had time to make a new skirt for myself since mom got sick in May. Very exciting! So, to celebrate, I thought I'd post directions and pictures in case you want one too.

I had a pair of pants, that I've been saving for the right material to make into a skirt. Then, like a gift from Heaven, I got delivered to my door, the perfect material. :-) Months ago, one of my friends was giving away some men's clothes, approximately my husband's size, so I said I'd take some. She apparently gave the clothes to another friend to give to me. That friend and I hadn't seen each other in a very long time, so finally, she just dropped the clothes off at my house one day recently. Some of the clothes, my husband liked, and would wear, others...not so much. Fortunately, the shirt I had my eye on for a skirt was one of his rejects.

First, I cut the legs off the pants, just above crotch level.
Next, I cut the shirt horizontally just below the armpits all the way around.
I then took my seam-ripper, and ripped off the pocket from the shirt.
Then, I had to decide if I wanted the button down part to be in the front, or the back. I finally
        decided it would look better in the back.
Finally, I just pinned the shirt to the pants, and ran it through my sewing machine.

Here's the front

And the back.
Pretty cute, right? :-)

Stay warm, and be Blessed, friends!

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