Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Original or Extra Crunchy?

So, in case you didn't know, this winter has been TERRIBLE!!! It all started when we got 11" of snow, followed by -13º F temperatures BEFORE the wind chill. It would warm up just enough to slightly melt the snow, and snow some more, get super cold again, rinse, and repeat. Needless to say, we've hardly gone anywhere, or done much of anything. We get out for Mass, grocery, and that's pretty much it. It's just so hard to push a wheelchair in sludge, ice, and snow. Plus, it has been SOOOO COLD!!!

That leads me to my mom. Still no firm diagnosis, and she finally put a stop to testing. Whatever it is, it's definitely getting worse again. She hardly has an appetite anymore, and sometimes goes all day without eating. If she tries to eat when she doesn't feel hungry, she gets super nauseous, and feels miserable.

Anyway, we finally got out of the house (for fun) yesterday, and went to a friend's house for a playdate. While we were there, we were talking, and the mom asked me about flu shots. I said I used to, but not anymore, I just use Thieves Oil instead. She said, "yeah, I thought you were crunchier than that". "Crunchy". I'd seen/heard the term used here and there on Facebook, but really didn't know what it meant. So I Googled. Turns out, I am fairly crunchy. "Crunchy" refers to the crunch of granola, which is stereotypically the snack of choice for these moms. That was a relief, because I thought it referred to a lack of hygiene! LOL Click here for a quiz to see how crunchy you are. I scored a 93. If you want more info about Crunchy vs. Silky (the opposite of Crunchy) vs. Scrunchy (somewhere in between), this blog looks good.

If you don't feel like clicking, here's the gist of what being crunchy entails (as I understand it):

* Breastfeeding exclusively, and child-led weaning (even if that means the child can expressly ask for it at age 3, 4, whatever) - Chocolate Chip physically couldn't breastfeed, and Emma had to be weaned just before she turned 1, because she kept pushing me away while suckling, bringing me to tears regularly.

* Wearing only skirts - yes, as of last summer, in an attempt at modesty.

* Homeschool or un-school - Absolutely!

* Eating your placenta - Ew! No!

* Cloth diapering - never have, but would at least try it if we have another baby.

* Co-sleeping - only logical when you breastfeed. Did it with Emma, would do it again.

* Baby wearing - totally would.

* Not vaccinating/only selectively vaccinating &/ using essential oils in place of/to supplement modern medicine - YES! I don't think I'll be vaccinating anymore, or if I do, it'll take some serious convincing. I've come to believe quite strongly in the healing power of essential oils, and what a gift from God they are.

* Growing &/ buying only organic - not there yet, but I could see doing it at some point.

There's others too, but that gives you an idea. Crunchy, Silky, or Scrunchy, it's all good. Just follow your heart, trust God, and all will be well. ♡



  1. Your link didn't seem to work so I took the first quiz I found on google. I took it twice, once for how I am today and once for what I was when I just had my oldest. Both times I came out crispy, although on opposite sides of the spectrum. I was more crispy before I went back to work full time and was more aware of my limits. By the way, I've heard organic vegetables can sometimes be worse because the natural pesticides aren't always better.

  2. Interesting! I thought organic meant no pesticides. I guess I'll have to grow my own then!