Sunday, March 31, 2013

"I see Jesus!"

Driving home from our annual Easter party, and 4 yr old Emma screams "I see Jesus!" My husband and I start looking around to see what she's talking about. My husband says "That cross over there?". Emma says, "No, in the sky!". At this point, my heart skips a beat, wondering if He's really coming back, thinking that Easter would be a cool time to come back. Then I realize she's talking about a hole in the clouds. She then goes on to explain to us how the hole in the clouds means Jesus is coming, because He's gonna come from the clouds, and He's alive. For that moment, I was so impressed and proud of her, that she's so excited, and always looking for Jesus. Then she dismembers her cheap Barbie doll she got in her Easter basket, sticks her thumb in its torso, and says, "Look! It's a thumb hat!". Sigh...

Anyway, I was thinking about how kids tend to be more active about watching for Jesus. When Chocolate Chip was 4, my Jewish grandmother died, and we were at the gravesite, with the rabbi, orthodox Jews, and my Israeli ordained rabbi uncle all standing around. Chocolate Chip looks down into the empty grave and says, very loudly, "Where's Jesus and Cookie Bird?!". Cookie Bird was the name of her parakeet that had died earlier that year. To explain where great-grandma went, we told her she was going to Heaven to be with Jesus and Cookie Bird (this was about 3 years before I converted). Well, great-grandma was in this box, that was going into this big hole, so that must be where Jesus and Cookie Bird were too, right? I love the innocence and faith that kids have. They always are watching, and actively waiting for Jesus. Isn't that beautiful?


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