Sunday, May 18, 2014

Wonderful, Memorable Weekend

Our beloved priest, Father Magiera, who moved to Arkansas last summer, was back in Indy for one glorious weekend to do the wedding Mass of a friend of his. We were fortunate enough to get him to come over and bless our house yesterday. It was awesome! While he was here, he made some blessed salt and a jug of holy water. He also blessed a crucifix that I got to hang in my room, a crucifix for Chocolate Chip's room, a couple pictures, and a statue of Mary that Emma brought him to bless.
As Father walked around the house, throwing holy water in every room and closet, Chocolate Chip carried the jug of holy water for him, and Emma carried the lid. It was so sweet! Chocolate Chip hardly left his side the whole time he was here. She missed him so much! Towards the end of his visit, he mentioned to us that the wedding Mass was at 3 pm, and that it would fulfill our Sunday obligation, and that it was a Mass, so anyone could go (we hadn't been invited)...
So, we went to the wedding. It was beautiful! I had threatened both kids on the way there, that they had better be on their very best behavior, especially since we hadn't been invited. They were pretty good, until right in the middle, when Emma lost yet another tooth (#5), and it bled, and bled, and bled. Of course, Emma is my hypochondriac, gets-freaked-out-by-the-tiniest-speck-of-blood kid. So, we had whining and crying. I rushed her out to the narthex, as we were sitting all the way in the back, right by the cameras and video equipment...of course, right? I got her to the bathroom to take a closer look, and the stupid tooth was flapping, and sideways, but WOULD NOT come all the way out. I knew it wouldn't stop bleeding until it was out, and I got her to bite on paper towel, so I finally was able to pull the stupid thing out. It still didn't stop bleeding for several minutes afterwards. What a mess! Then I was stuck with a tooth to hold (no pockets) for the last half of Mass.

Lol So, I had Emma whining about her tooth and that she wanted to go home, and Chocolate Chip was whining because it was almost over, which meant that Father Magiera would be leaving us again! Finally, I got Emma off of me in time to get a decent spot to record Father Magiera's beautiful "Ite Missa Est" at the end of Mass.

The video isn't the best, but the important part is his voice anyway. :-)
Hopefully, it comes through okay...
God Bless,

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