Monday, June 10, 2013

New Pictures!

With everything that's been happening with my mom, I totally forgot to check and see if the professional pictures of Chocolate Chip recieving her First Communion ever came in. They did! So exciting. You won't believe how beautiful these are!

Chocolate Chip being escorted to the altar by her adopted godfather
(she was baptized before I converted)

Ascending to the altar

Recieving Our Lord for the first time!
          Aren't they gorgeous?! It's still such a joy to have both her, and my mom recieve the Eucharist with me at Mass now. I can't wait until it's Emma's turn. I wonder how young they're allowed to recieve? She's already willing to go to confession (not that she's been - I jokingly asked her once while I was waiting in line, if she wanted to go too, and she said yes, and tried to get in line. LOL), but we should probably wait just a bit longer. ;-)

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