Tuesday, May 7, 2013

First Communion!

This past Sunday, my oldest daughter, Chocolate Chip, celebrated her First Holy Communion! It was such a beautiful day! Even though it was a bit cloudy and rainy outside, the sun was truly shining inside the parish. She chose to recieve for the first time in the Extraordinary Form of the Mass (proud mama right here), and it was such a joy to watch her stay totally on track and focused during the entire Mass. There was an actual photographer there to take pictures of her actually receiving Our Lord for the first time (still waiting to get those), but I did get a few pictures of her before with my camera.
Before the Sacred Heart of Jesus statue
(before Mass)

Before Our Lady of Guadalupe statue
(also before Mass)

Very excited - almost time!
Processing in

About to recieve the Eucharist for the first time!

Chewing :-)

She is the first to receive her Brown Scapular!
It was a very exciting time that I will always cherish. May all the children who receive their First Holy Communion always approach the Eucharist with the same joy and excitement as they had that day!
(Emma took this picture of her Sissy)

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